Hyperpigmentation can show up after a particularly sunny summer, hormonal changes, and aging. These spots can keep you're skin from looking it's healthiest.  At Event Skin Clinic, we have many methods to lighten these spots or freckles and reduce them so you can look and feel your most youthful, beautiful, and happiest.

IPL treatments are our most powerful technology against hyperpigmentation. The light pulses from our cutting-edge technology break down the pigmentation in the skin and reveal younger looking skin. While incredibly advanced and powerful, this laser treatment is safe to use on virtually any part of your body.

If you are looking for a more relaxing and less intense method of hyperpigmentation reduction the Oxygeneo facials, both NeoBright and and NeoRevive, may better serve your needs. These facials combine 3 different kind of facial practices into 1 relaxing, purifying, and cleansing facial. The first step is the exfoliation portion that mimics a microdermabrasion session. Exfoliation gets rid of the dead skin cells and begins to smooth and renew your skin while prepping it for the next steps. The second step is infusion; this step cleanses your skin and infuses nutrients into your skin. The NeoBright facial is specifically made for skin brightening and will do a more intense job of releasing hyperpigmentation. The final step is the oxygenation step and that promotes oxygen-rich blood in the area while stimulating capillary flow and skin metabolism.  The Oxygen Facial can be combined with IPL for optimum results.

We also recommend using the Vivier Skin Care Systems to correct your hyperpigmentation and to help prevent further damage.  The use of appropriate skincare at home is required to maintain results and continue lightening unwanted pigmentation