Chemical Peels

Target sun damaged and acne prone skin

Vivier™ Chemical Peel


A gentle yet effective professional combination peel that helps refresh, brighten, tighten and illuminate the appearance of the skin. Ideal for aging skin, age spots, dehydrated skin, skin imperfections, oily skin, congested skin and acne-prone skin. The Vivier Peel™ is a gentle yet effective peel that helps brighten and tighten your skin leaving you feeling radiant and glowing.

To gently and safely rejuvenate your skin, this peel offers great results with less down time than other peels. It contains a unique combination and concentration of pharmaceutical-grade ingredients.  Slight flaking/peeling may or may not occur after day 2 but the efficacy is still in place regardless of peeling. This treatment is gentle enough to perform every month to keep your skin in top shape!

  • .Treatment includes LED Therapy & Moisture Infusion Mask $109 

TX Jessner plus™

A TX Jessner Peel™ is comprised of 14% Lactic acid, 14% Salicylic acid, and 14% Resorcinol.

Ideal for aging skin, age spots, acne-prone skin, enlarged pores, post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation and dull, lackluster complexion. The Jessner Peel is a medium to deep peel that is suitable for most people whether they are peeling for the first time or using peels as a maintenance program. You will get the BEST results when you combine the Jessner peel with the Vivier Pharmaceutical Grade Skincare Line. The Jessner Peel is designed to target hyperpigmentation from the sun, minimizes fine lines, aids in dissipating blemishes, evens out skin texture and tone while minimizing pore size.

  • .Treatment includes LED Therapy & Moisture Infusion Mask $109 

Lactic acid is a tyrosinase inhibitor and gently exfoliates the top layer of the skin. It stops pigmentation from forming!

Salicylic acid penetrates and dissolves oil and skin debris that causes blackheads and whiteheads.
It’s also an anti inflammatory so it reduces redness from those pesky breakouts or residual scarring.

Resorcinol is a lightening and brightening agent. It has antiseptic qualities and assists in treating acne and other skin conditions.

How many chemical peel treatments will I need?

The frequency of chemical peel treatments depends on your skin’s condition. One chemical peel treatment every 4 weeks for 3-6 treatments is recommended, to be followed by maintenance treatments. 3 chemical peels every year is generally enough to maintain the clarity of your skin.

For optimal results, we recommend that you do maintenance using Vivier™ Skin Care System to help you achieve softer, clearer, and even skin. This skin care system comes in five classifications each suited for your skin’s needs: normal to dry, combination to oily, adult acne, teenage and young adult acne, and hyperpigmentation.